Importing Crystal Orientations edit page

In order to import orientation data from a text file we first need to defined the corresponding crystal symmetry, e.g. by a cif file

cs = crystalSymmetry.load('quartz.cif')
cs = crystalSymmetry
  mineral        : Quartz            
  symmetry       : 321               
  elements       : 6                 
  a, b, c        : 4.9, 4.9, 5.4     
  reference frame: X||a*, Y||b, Z||c*

In the second step we may use the command orientation.load to load the data. This function requires that one specifies the meaning of the column of the import file by the option columnNames.

fname = fullfile(mtexDataPath,'orientation','Tongue_Quartzite_Bunge_Euler');
ori = orientation.load(fname,'columnNames',{'phi1','Phi','phi2'},cs)
ori = orientation (Quartz → xyz)
  size: 382 x 1

This creates a variable of type orientation which can be used for further analysis, e.g. to plot pole figures