Configuration edit page

MTEX is higly customizable. On a local level this can be done by passing options to MTEX functions. On a global level this is achieved by editing the file mtex_settings.m via the command

edit mtex_settings

There the following behaviour can be customized

  • the orientation of the x and y spatial coordinate axes
  • the alignment of the a and b crystallographic unit cell axes
  • default font size
  • default figure size
  • show or hide coordinates / micronbar on EBSD maps
  • default pole figure annotations
  • default Euler angle convention
  • default color map
  • file extensions associated with EBSD and pole figure files
  • path to CIF (Crystallographic Information Framework) and other files
  • the default maximum iteration depth of the function calcODF
  • the amount of available memory

and many more.

You can use


to display all mtex_settings.