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Inverse Pole Figure

Inverse pole figures are two dimensional representations of orientations. To illustrate this we define a random orientation with trigonal crystal symmetry

cs = crystalSymmetry('321')
ori = orientation.rand(cs)
cs = crystalSymmetry
  symmetry       : 321               
  elements       : 6                 
  a, b, c        : 1, 1, 1           
  reference frame: X||a*, Y||b, Z||c*
ori = orientation (321 → xyz)
  Bunge Euler angles in degree
     phi1     Phi    phi2
  120.449 92.5313 245.863

Starting point is a fixed specimen direction r, e.g.,

% the fixed crystal directions z
r = vector3d.Z
r = vector3d
  x y z
  0 0 1

Next the crystal direction corresponding to the specimen direction r according to the orientation r are computed

h = inv(ori) * r
h = Miller (321)
        h       k       i       l
  -0.5853 -0.4085  0.9938 -0.0442

and ploted in a spherical projection


A shortcut for the above computations is the command

% a pole figure plot

Contour plots