Options edit page

Many functions provided by MTEX can be customized by options. An option is passed to a method as a string parameter followed by a value. For example, almost all plotting methods support the option resolution followed by a double value specifying the resolution in radians. The code below demonstrates the effect of changing this parameter.

odf = SantaFe
odf = SO3FunRBF (m-3m → xyz (222))
  <strong>uniform component</strong>
  weight: 0.73
  <strong>unimodal component</strong>
  kernel: van Mises Fisher, halfwidth 10°
  center: 1 orientations
  Bunge Euler angles in degree
     phi1     Phi    phi2  weight
  296.565 48.1897 26.5651    0.27

Options that are not followed by a value are called flags. In the above example, contour is a flag that tells the plotting routine to plot contour lines. Options and flags to a function are always optional and can be passed in any order. If conflicting options or flags are passed, i.e., the resolution is specified twice, the later option in the list is considered to be the right one.