Misorientation Distribution Function edit page

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Let us consider the uncorrelated missorientation ODF corresponding to our model ODF.

mtexdata titanium

odf = calcDensity(ebsd.orientations)
ebsd = EBSD
 Phase  Orientations           Mineral         Color  Symmetry  Crystal reference frame
     0   8100 (100%)  Titanium (Alpha)  LightSkyBlue       622       X||a, Y||b*, Z||c*
 Properties: ci, grainid, iq, sem_signal, x, y
 Scan unit : um
odf = SO3FunHarmonic (Titanium (Alpha) → xyz)
  bandwidth: 25
  weight: 1
% the uncorrelated
mdf = calcMDF(odf)
mdf = SO3FunHarmonic (Titanium (Alpha) → Titanium (Alpha))
  antipodal: true
  bandwidth: 25
  weight: 1

Axis / Angle Distribution

Then we can plot the distribution of the rotation axes of this missorientation ODF


and the distribution of the missorientation angles and compare them to a uniform ODF

close all
hold all
hold off
legend('model ODF','uniform ODF')