1. download and extract the zip file to an arbitrary folder
  2. start Matlab (version 2016b or newer required - older versions have not been tested)
  3. change the current folder in Matlab to the folder where MTEX is installed
  4. type startup_mtex into the command window
  5. click one of the menu items to import data or to consult the documentation

In case you experience any problems, especiall on Mac OSX, have a look at our trouble shooting page

All Releases

Have a look at the changelog for more details on the features and syntax changes.

File Name     Release Date     Comments     Downloads     April 2024     better grain reconstruction     March 2024     better grain reconstruction     March 2024     pseudo 3d EBSD     September 2023     pseudo 3d EBSD     September 2023     bug fixes     May 2023     weighted Burgers vector     March 2023     habit plane detection, SO3Fun     November 2022     bug fixes     March 2022     bug fixes     January 2022     variant graph based parent grain reconstruction     2006     May 2021     improved parent grain reconstruction     7086     March 2021     bug fixes     1797     January 2021     simplified parent grain reconstruction     2625     December 2020     low angle grain boundary analysis, orientation embeddings     807     July 2020     parent grain reconstruction     3738     June 2020     bug fixes, boundary curvature     1051     April 2020     performance updates     2550     January 2020     plasticity tensors     3447     June 2018     GND calculation and birefringence     9235     March 2018     Crystal Shapes and spherical functions     3049     November 2017     3d orientation and ODF plots     4498     January 2017     Slip Systems, Taylor calculation     1376     July 2016     GND calculation     2284     November 2015     triple points     2177     September 2015     EBSD denoising, fundamental regions     1629     April 2015     new class system and new syntax     1630     December 2013     misorientation coloring, fast multiscale grain reconstruction     2398     June 2013     minor release     1660

A full list of previous releases and downloads can be found here.


Since MTEX is a MATLAB toolbox, MATLAB has to be installed in order to use MTEX. It works fine with the student version and does not require any additional toolboxes, addons or packages. There are some very few exceptions like GND and Taylor computation that currently require the optimization toolbox to be installed. Please use a Matlab version as recent as possible for MTEX. We try hard to make MTEX as backward compatible as possible. However, you can not expect a MTEX version to run on a 10 years older Matlab version.