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import orientation data file


orientation.load is a high level method for importing orientations from column aligned text files or excel spread sheets. In those cases it is neccesary to tell MTEX the column positions of the Euler angles and possible other properties.


ori = orientation.load(fname,cs,'ColumnNames',{'phi1','Phi','phi2'})
[ori, prop] = orientation.load(fname,cs,'ColumnNames',{'phi1','Phi','phi2','prop1','prop2'})


fname filename
cs crystalSymmetry
ss specimenSymmetry (optional)


ori orientation
prop struct with additionally


columnNames names of the colums to be imported, mandatory are euler 1, euler 2, euler 3
columns postions of the columns to be imported
radians treat input in radiand
delimiter delimiter between numbers
header number of header lines
Bunge [phi1 Phi phi2] Euler angle in Bunge convention (default)
passive interprete the orientation as passive rotationss

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