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rotational axis of an misorientation or two orientations


% define a cubic and hexagonal symmetries
csCube = crystalSymmetry('cubic')
csHex = crystalSymmetry('hexagonal')
% define two orientations
o1 = orientation.byEuler(0,0,0,csCube)
o2 = orientation.byEuler(10*degree,20*degree,30*degree,csHex)
% the misorientation axis with respect to the specimen coordinate
% system is computed by
a = axis(o1,o2)
% the misorientation axis with respect to csCube is computed by
a = axis(inv(o1)*o2,csCube)
% the misorientation axis with respect to csHex is computed by
a = axis(inv(o1)*o2,csHex)
% compute the misorientation axis ignoring symmetry
a = axis(inv(o1)*o2,'noSymmetry')


mori,o1,o2 orientation


a vector3d
m Miller


noSymmetry ignore symmetry
max return the axis corresponding to the largest rotational angle

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