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global, local and pointwise maxima of spherical functions


[v,pos] = max(sF) % the position where the maximum is atained
[v,pos] = max(sF,'numLocal',5) % the 5 largest local maxima
sF = max(sF, c) % maximum of a spherical functions and a constant
sF = max(sF1, sF2) % maximum of two spherical functions
sF = max(sF1, sF2, 'bandwidth', bw) % specify the new bandwidth
% compute the maximum of a multivariate function along dim
sF = max(sFmulti,[],dim)


sF, sF1, sF2 S2Fun
sFmulti a multivariate S2Fun
c double


v double
pos vector3d


kmax number of iterations
numLocal number of peaks to return
startingNodes vector3d
tolerance minimum distance between two peaks
resolution minimum step size
maxStepSize maximm step size