calcDensity edit page

computes an ODF from individual orientations

The function calcDensity applies one of the following algorithms to compute an ODF from a list of orientations.

  1. direct kernel density estimation
  2. kernel density estimation via Fourier series
  3. Bingham estimation


% use kernel density estimation with a 10 degree kernel
odf = calcDensity(ori,'halfwidth',10*degree)
% use grain area as weights for the orientations
odf = calcDensity(grains.meanOrientation,'weights',grains.area)
% use a specific kernel
psi = SO3AbelPoissonKernel('halfwidth',10*degree)
odf = calcDensity(ori,'kernel',psi)
% compute the ODF as a Fourier series of order 16
odf = calcDensity(ori,'order',16)


ori orientation


odf SO3Fun


weights list of weights for the orientations
halfwidth halfwidth of the kernel function (default is 10 degree)
resolution resolution of the grid where the ODF is approximated
kernel SO3Kernel function (default -- SO3 de la Valee Poussin kernel)
order order up to which Fourier coefficients are calculated


silent no output
exact no approximation to a corser grid
Fourier force Fourier method
Bingham model bingham odf
noFourier no Fourier method

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