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[value,pos] = min(sF) % the position where the minimum is atained
[value,pos] = min(sF,'numLocal',5) % the 5 largest local minima
sF = min(sF, c) % minimum of a spherical functions and a constant
sF = min(sF1, sF2) % minimum of two spherical functions
sF = min(sF1, sF2, 'bandwidth', bw) % specify the new bandwidth
% compute the minimum of a multivariate function along dim
sF = min(sFmulti,[],dim)


sF, sF1, sF2 S2Fun
sFmulti a multivariate S2Fun
c double


value double
pos vector3d
S2F S2Fun


kmax number of iterations
numLocal number of peaks to return
startingNodes vector3d
tolerance minimum distance between two peaks
resolution minimum step size
maxStepSize maximm step size