calcPoleFigure edit page

simulate pole figures from an ODF

calcPoleFigure allows to simulate diffraction counts given an ODF. It supports superposed pole figures and irregular sampling grids.


pf = calcPolefigure(odf,h,r)
pf = calcPolefigure(odf,h,'resolution',5*degree)
pf = calcPoleFigure(odf,h,'resolution',5*degree,'complete')
pf = calcPoleFigure(odf,{h1,h2,h3},{r1,r2,r3})
pf = calcPoleFigure(odf,{h1,{h2,h3]},'superposition',{[1,[0.2 0.8]]})


odf SO3Fun
h Miller / vector3d crystallographic directions
r vector3d specimen directions


antipodal include symmetry
complete do not include antipodal symmetry
superposition [double] superposition weights

See also

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