Wigner_d_recursion edit page

Compute Wigner-d matrices by recursion formula. Therefore it is possible to generate a Wigner-d matrix by input of the two Wigner-d matrices with next smaller harmonic degree. It is also possible to calculate all Wigner-d matrices up to given harmonc degree L.


dmn = Wigner_d_recursion(dlmin1,dlmin2,beta)
dmn = Wigner_d_recursion(dlmin1,dlmin2,beta,'half')
dmn = Wigner_d_recursion(L,beta)


L harmonic degree
beta second Euler angle
dlmin1,dlmin2 Wigner-d matrices of harmonic degree L-1 and L-2


dmn Wigner d matrix d^L_(m,n)
or cell array of all Wigner-d matrices up to harmonic degree L