symmetrise edit page

symmetrcially equivalent directions and its multiple


vSym = symmetrise(v,S)
% include antipodal symmetry
vSym = symmetrise(v,S,'antipodal')
% exclude antipodal symmetry
vSym = symmetrise(v,S,'noAntipodal')
% every symmetrically equivalent direction only once
[vSym,l,sym] = symmetrise(v,S,'unique')
% every symmetrically equivalent axis only once
[vSym,l,sym] = symmetrise(v,S,'unique','noAntipodal')


v vector3d
S symmetry


vSym S * v vector3d
l multiplicity of the crystal directions
sym rotation


antipodal include antipodal symmetry
noAntipodal do not include antipodal symmetry (without option unique)
noAntipodal do not remove antipodal vectors (with option unique)
unique only return distinct axes or directions (noAntipodal)