spatialProfile edit page

select EBSD data along line segments


ebsdLine = spatialProfile(ebsd,[xStart,xEnd],[yStart yEnd])
[ebsdLine,dist] = spatialProfile(ebsd,x,y)
xy = ginput(2)
[ebsdLine,dist] = spatialProfile(ebsd,xy)


ebsd EBSD
xStart, xEnd, yStart, yEnd double
x, y coordinates of the line segments
xy list of spatial coordinates |[x(:) y(:)]|


ebsdLine EBSD restrcited to the line of interest
dist double distance along the line to the initial point


% import data
mtexdata twins
saving data to /home/hielscher/mtex/master/data/twins.mat
ebsd = EBSD
 Phase  Orientations     Mineral         Color  Symmetry  Crystal reference frame
     0     46 (0.2%)  notIndexed                                                 
     1  22833 (100%)   Magnesium  LightSkyBlue     6/mmm       X||a*, Y||b, Z||c*
 Properties: bands, bc, bs, error, mad, x, y
 Scan unit : um
% plot data
% select line coordinates
x = [15.5 27]; y = [20.5 11];
% draw line with some transluency
line(x,y,'color',[0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5],'linewidth',10)
% restrict ebsd data to this line
[ebsdLine,dist] = spatialProfile(ebsd,x,y);
% extract orientations
ori = ebsdLine.orientations;