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Calculates the integral of a SO3FunHarmonic based on

\[ v = \int f( R ) dR \]

with \(vol(SO(3)) = \int_{SO(3)} 1 dR = 8\pi^2\).

If there is a second argument it sums up along a specified dimension of a vector-valued SO3FunHarmonic.


SO3F is a 3x3 SO3Fun sum(SO3F) returns a 3x3 matrix with the integrals of each function sum(SO3F, 1) returns a 1x3 SO3Fun which contains the pointwise sums along the first dimension


value = sum(SO3F)
SO3F = sum(SO3F, d)


SO3F SO3FunHarmonic
d dimension to take the sum value over


SO3F SO3FunHarmonic
value double