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The class rotation allows to work with three dimensional orthogonal matrices.


rot = rotation.byEuler(phi1,Phi,phi2)
rot = rotation.byEuler(alpha,beta,gamma,'ZYZ')
rot = rotation.byAxisAngle(v,omega)
rot = rotation.byMatrix(A)
rot =,v1)
rot =,v1,u2,v2)
rot = reflection(b)
rot = rotation.inversion
rot = reflection(n)
rot = rotation.byRodrigues(v)
rot = rotation(fibre(u1,v1),'resolution',5*degree)
rot = rotation(quaternion(a,b,c,d))


phi1, Phi, phi2 Euler angles
u1, u2 vector3d
v, v1, v2 vector3d
n vector3d


rot rotation

Class Properties

phi1, Phi, phi2 Euler angles
i inversion
a, b, c, d quaternion components

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