mean edit page

mean of a list of tensors


T = mean(T)     % mean along the first non singleton dimension
T = mean(T,dim) % mean along dimension dim
TReuss = mean(T,'Reuss') % Reuss average
THill = mean(T,'Hill') % Hill average
TGeometric = mean(T,'geometric') % geometric mean
[TVoigt, TReus, THill] = mean(T) % Voigt, Reuss and Hill averages
[TVoigt, TReus, THill] = mean(ori*T,'weights',weights) % mean with respect to orientations
[TVoigt, TReus, THill] = mean(T,odf) % mean with respect to ODF
[TVoigt, TReus, THill] = mean(ori,'weights',weights) % weighted mean


T tensor
dim dimension with respect to which the mean is taken
ori orientation
odf SO3Fun
weights double