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class representing EBSD measurements

In MTEX a variable of type EBSD is used to store EBSD measurements as a table with rows containing the orientation, the spatial coordinates and the phase of each individual measurement.


prop.xy = xy;
prop.mad = mad;
CSList = {'notIndexed',CS1,CS2,CS3};
rot = rotation.byEuler(phi1,Phi,phi2);
ebsd = EBSD(rot,phaseId,CSList,prop)
ebsd = EBSD(rot,phaseId,CSList,prop,'unitCell',unitCell)


rot rotation
phaseId phase as index to CSList
CS1,CS2,CS3 crystalSymmetry
prop struct with properties, xy is mandatory
unitCell vertices a single pixel


phase specifying the phase of the EBSD object
options struct with fields holding properties for each orientation
xy spatial coordinates n x 2, where n is the number of input orientations
unitCell for internal use

Class Properties

id unique id of each pixel
CSList cell list of crystalSymmetry
phaseId phase of each pixel as entry of CSList
phase phase of each pixel as imported
phaseMap convert between phase = phaseMap(phaseId)
rotations rotation of each pixel
x, y coordinates of the center of each pixel
scanUnit unit of the x,y coordinates (um is default)
prop auxiliary properties, e.g., MAD, BC, mis2mean
isIndexed is pixel indexed or not
indexedPhaseId phaseIds of all indexed phases

Derived Classes

EBSDsquare EBSD data measured on a square grid
EBSDhex EBSD data measured on a hex grid

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