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computes the elastic wave velocity(km/s) from the elastic stiffness Cijkl tensor and density (g/cm3)


[vp,vs1,vs2,pp,ps1,ps2] = velocity(S)
[vp,vs1,vs2,pp,ps1,ps2] = velocity(S,x)
[vp,vs1,vs2,pp,ps1,ps2] = velocity(S,x,rho)


C elasticity stiffnessTensor Cijkl (UNITS GPa) tensor
x list of propagation directions (vector3d)
rho material density (UNITS g/cm3)


vp velocity of the p--wave (UNITS km/s)
vs1 velocity of the s1--wave (UNITS km/s)
vs2 velocity of the s2--wave (UNITS km/s)
pp polarisation of the p--wave (particle movement, vibration direction)
ps1 polarisation of the s1--wave (particle movement, vibration direction)
ps2 polarisation of the s2--wave (particle movement, vibration direction)