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export EBSD to *.crc and *.cpr files


Export variable of type EBSD to proprietary Oxford Instruments HKL Channel 5 *.cpr and *.crc file format.

  1. In MTEX's "ebsd.load" script, any EDS data contained in the original *.crc file is ignored. Therefore, in MTEX, the EDS data belonging to an EBSD map needs to be imported and the elemental windows defined separately.
  2. Even if the EDS data belonging to an EBSD map was previously imported and the elemental windows defined, this script ignores it. Consequently, this script does not account for any EDS data stored in the ebsd variable. If and when MTEX implements the introduction of EBSD and EDS data, then a check for value will be introduced to ebsd.opt.cprData.edxwindows.count. If the value it is not zero, then that many number of columns will be should be defined in the ebsdData variable in the getCPRInfo script and "Process *.crc data" section of this script.




ebsd EBSD
fname path and file name