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calculate ODF from individuel orientations via kernel density estimation

calcKernelODF is one of the core function of the MTEX toolbox. It estimates an ODF from a set of individual crystal orientations by kernel density estimation.

The function calcKernelODF has several options to control the halfwidth of the kernel functions, the resolution, etc. Most important the estimated ODF is affected by the halfwidth of the kernel function.

If the halfwidth is large the estimated ODF is smooth whereas a small halfwidth results in a sharp ODF. It depends on your prior information about the ODF to choose this parameter right. Look at this description for an exhausive discussion.


odf = calcKernelODF(ori)
odf = calcKernelODF(grains.meanOrientation,'weigths',grains.area)
odf = calcKernelODF(ebsd.orientations,'halfwidth',5*degree)


ori orientation


odf SO3Fun


halfwidth halfwidth of the kernel function
resolution resolution of the grid where the ODF is approximated
kernel kernel function (default -- de la Valee Poussin kernel)
weights list of weights for the orientations


exact no approximation to a corser grid

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