newOrientationPlot edit page

prepare a 3d orientation plot


Checks whether a compatible 3d orientation plot already exist - then plot into this one - otherwise create a new one.


oP = newOrientationPlot(CS1,CS2)
oP = newOrientationPlot(CS,SS,'Bunge')
oP = newOrientationPlot(CS1,CS2,'axisAngle')
oP = newOrientationPlot(CS1,CS2,'Rodrigues','antipodal')
oP = newOrientationPlot(CS1,CS2,'ignoreFundamentalRegion')
oP = newOrientationPlot(CS1,CS2,'noBoundary')


CS, CS1, CS2 crystalSymmetry
SS specimenSymmetry


Bunge, axisAngle, Rodrigues, homochoric, quaternion, conformal type of visualization
ignoreFundamentalRegion plot orientation as they are
project2FundamentalRegion project orientations to fundamentalRegion (default)
restrict2FundamentalRegion ignore all orientations outside the fundamentalRegion
noBoundary do not plot the boundary