HSVDirectionKey edit page

converts crystal or specimen directions to rgb values

The priciple idea is to take the fundamental sector, apply white to the center and red, blue and green to the vertices. This works well if all the edges of the fundamental sector are reflections, i.e. for for m, mm2, mmm, 3m, 4mm, 4/mmm, 6mm, -62m, 6/mmm, -43m, m-3m. In almost all other cases the fundamental sector can be divided by an additional reflection into two subsectors which are colored one with white and one with black center. There are three cases, -1, -3, -4, where this does not work. Actually one can show that in this cases it is impossible to have a smooth one to one relation between the color space and the fundamental sector.


dM = HSVDirectionKey(varargin)