S2Grid edit page

The class S2Grid represent spherical grids. The central difference to a simple list of vector3d is that S2Grid provides more efficient methods for finding the closes points in the grid with respect to a given direction.


% regular grid with fixed polar and azimuthal spacing
S2G = regularS2Grid('resolution',5*degree)
S2G = regularS2Grid('theta',(0:5:80)*degree,'rho',(0:5:355)*degree)
% regular grid optimized for plotting
S2G = plotS2Grid('resolution',1.5*degree,'upper')
% equispaced nodes  with given resolution
S2G = equispacedS2Grid('resolution',5*degree)


points [nrho,ntheta] number of points
resolution resolution of a equispaced grid
theta polar angle
rho azimuthal angle
minRho starting rho angle (default 0)
maxRho maximum rho angle (default 2*pi)
minTheta starting theta angle (default 0)
maxTheta maximum theta angle (default pi)


lower, uper, complete restrict hemisphere
antipodal include antipodal symmetry
no_center ommit point at center
restrict2minmax restrict margins to min / max


S2G = equispacedS2Grid('resolution',5*degree,'maxTheta',70*degree)
S2G = S2Grid
 size: 1 x 577
 resolution: 5°

See also

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