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The class Miller describes crystal directions, i.e., directions relative to the crystal coordinate system. Internally, these are stored with respect to an Eucledean reference system.


m = Miller(h,k,l,cs)
m = Miller(h,k,i,l,cs)
m = Miller(u,v,w,cs,'uvw')
m = Miller(U,V,T,W,cs,'UVTW')
m = Miller({h1 k1 l1},{h2 k2 l2},{h3 k3 l3},cs) % list of indices
m = Miller('(hkl)',cs)
m = Miller('[uvw]',cs)
m = Miller('[uvw]\[uvw],cs)
m = Miller('(hkl)\(hkl),cs)
m = Miller(x,cs)


h,k,l three digit reciprocal coordinates
h,k,i,l four digit reciprocal coordinates
u,v,w three digit direct coordinates
U,V,T,W four digit direct coordinates - Weber indices
x vector3d
cs crystalSymmetry

Class Properties

CS crystalSymmetry
dispStyle 'hkl', 'uvw', 'hkil', 'UVTW'

See also

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