The MTEX Documentation edit page

Documenting a project like MTEX is a challenging and ongoing task for the entire community. Therefore we are extremely happy about any spelling fixes, examples, theoretical explainations, special use cases, etc. As a bonus everybody who contributed to MTEX will automatically appear at the contributors page.

Making Changes Online

The easiest way to suggest changes to the MTEX documentation is online visa Github. This is done as follows:

  1. sign into GitHub
  2. open the help page you want to change, e.g., this one
  3. click edit page - this leads you to the file on GitHub
  4. click the little pencil in the top right corner which allows you to edit the script online
  5. enter of copy and paste your changes into the site
  6. click at the bottom suggest changes
  7. click create pull request

Making Changes Within Matlab

Since all documentation pages are essentially MTEX scripts they can be opened in Matlab by the command

edit hepPageName

This allows you to run through all the commands and investiage the effect of different parameters or different input files or add further analysis steps.

If you like the changes you made simply copy and paste the changes into the GitHub page as explained above or send it to one of the developers by email.

Publish command

You may can a visual preview of your altered documentation page by using the matlab function publish

publish filename

which creates an folder, named 'html', in your current directory where you can find the generated html page.