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The class MLSSolver implements the modified least squares solver for reconstructing an ODF from arbitrarily scattered pole figure intensities. The resulting ODF is represented as a weighted sum of unimodal components. The shape and the number of component centers can be specified. The algorithm is explained in detail in A novel pole figure inversion method: specification of the MTEX algorithm, Hielscher, Schaeben: J. of Appl. Cryst., 41(6), 2008.


solver = MLSSolver(pf,'resolution',5*degree,'halfwidth',7.5*degree);
[odf,alpha] = solver.calcODF;

Class Properties

psi kernel describing the shape of the unimodal components
S3G the centers of the unimodal components as SO3Grid in orientation space
c weighting coefficients to the unimodal components
zrm zeroRangeMethod
ghostCorrection whether to use ghost correction
iterMax max number of iterations
iterMin min number of iterations

Dependent Class Properties

odf ODF the reconstructed ODF

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