PoleFigure edit page

The class PoleFigure is used to store experimental pole figure intensitied, i.e., XRD, synchrotron or neuron data. It provides several data correction methods as well as the reconstruction of an orientation density function (ODF). Importing pole figure data is explained in this section.


pf = PoleFigure(h,r,intensities,varargin)


h Miller, crystal directions
r S2Grid, specimen directions
intensities diffraction counts (double)
CS crystalSymmetry
SS specimenSymmetry


superposition weights for superposed crystal directions
background background intensities

Class Properties

allH cell of Miller
allR cell of vector3d
allI cell of diffraction intensities
c structure coefficients
SS specimen symmetry

Dependent Class Properties

CS crystalSymmetry
h Miller direction of single pole figure
r specimen directions
intensities diffraction intensities

See also

ImportPoleFigureData loadPoleFigure loadPoleFigure_generic This section describes the class PoleFigure and gives an overview of the functionality MTEX offers to analyze pole figure data.