loadPoleFigure_generic edit page

load pole figure data from (theta,rho,intensity) files


loadPoleFigure_generic is a generic function that reads any txt files of diffraction intensities that are of the following format

theta_1 rho_1 intensity_1
theta_2 rho_2 intensity_2
theta_3 rho_3 intensity_3
.      .       .
.      .       .
.      .       .
theta_M rho_M intensity_M

The actual order of the columns in the file can be specified by the options ColumnNames and Columns. Furthermore, the files can be contain any number of header lines to be ignored using the option HEADER.


[pf,varargin] = loadPoleFigure_generic(fname,varargin)


fname file name (text files only)


ColumnNames content of the columns to be imported
Columns positions of the columns to be imported
RADIANS treat input in radians
DELIMITER delimiter between numbers
HEADER number of header lines


fname = [mtexDataPath '/PoleFigure/nja/seifert-111.nja'];
pf = loadPoleFigure_generic(fname,'HEADER',21,'degree',...
'ColumnNames',{'polar angle','azimuth angle','intensity'},...
'Columns',[1 2 3])
pf = PoleFigure (xyz)
  crystal symmetry : m-3m
  h = (111), r = 2120 x 1 points

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