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PDF to ODF inversion

calcFEMODF is one of the main function of the MTEX toolbox. It estimates an ODF from given Polefigure intensities by fitting an ODF that consists of a large number of unimodal ODFs to the data. It does so by minimizing a least squares functional. The command calcODF supports automatic ghost correction and the zero range method. The function calcFEMODF has several options to control convergence, resolution, smoothing, etc. See below for a complete description.


[odf,alpha] = calcFEMODF(pf,varargin)


pf PoleFigure


odf reconstructed @FEMODF
alpha scaling factors, calculated during reconstruction


resolution localization grid for the ansatz fucntions (default = 3/2 resolution(pf))
iterMax maximum number of iterations (default = 11)
regularisation weighting coefficient lambda (default = 0)


zeroRange apply zero range method (default = )
noGhostCorrection omit ghost correction

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