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import pole figure data


PoleFigure.load is a high level method for importing pole figure data from external files. It auto-detects the format of the file. As parameters the method requires the crystal and specimen symmetry. Additionally it is sometimes required to pass a list of crystal directions and a list of structure coefficients. See interfaces for an example how to import superposed pole figures. In the case of generic ASCII files each of which consist of a table containing in each row a specimen direction and a diffraction intensity see loadPoleFigure_generic for additional options. Furthermore, you can specify a comment to be associated with the data.


pf = PoleFigure.load(fname)
fnames = {fname1,...,fnameN}  % define filename(s)
h = {h1,..,hN}                % define crystal directions
c = {c1,..,cN}                % define structure coefficients
pf = PoleFigure.load(fnames,h,cs,ss,'superposition',c)


fname filename(s)
h1,...,hN Miller crystal directions
c1,...,cN structure coefficients for superposed pole figures (optional)
cs, ss crystal, specimen symmetry


pf vector of PoleFigure


interface specific interface to be used

See also

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