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RP and mean square error

calcError(pf,rec) calculates reconstruction error between measured intensities and the recalculated ODF or between two measured pole figures. It can be specified whether the RP error or the mean square error is calculated. The scaling coefficients are calculated by the function PoleFigure/calcNormalization


e = calcError(pf,pf2) % compares two different <PoleFigure.PoleFigure.html PoleFigure> with same <S2Grid.S2Grid.html S2Grid>
e = calcError(pf,rec) % compares <PoleFigure.PoleFigure.html PoleFigure> with the Recalculated <SO3Fun.SO3Fun.html SO3Fun>


pf,pf2 PoleFigure
rec SO3Fun


e error


RP RP value (default) |pfmeas - pfcalc|./ pfcalc
l1 l1 error |pfmeas - pfcalc|
l2 l2 error |pfmeas - pfcalc|.^2

See also

SO3Fun.calcError PoleFigure.calcNormalization PoleFigure.scale