loadOrientation_generic edit page

load Orientation data from generic text files


loadOrientation_generic loads individual orientations from text or exel files that have a column oriented format as

phi1_1 Phi_1 phi2_1 prop1_1 prop2_1
phi1_2 Phi_2 phi2_2 prop1_2 prop2_2
phi1_3 Phi_3 phi2_3 prop1_3 prop2_3
.      .       .       .      .
.      .       .       .      .
.      .       .       .      .s
phi1_M Phi_M phi2_M prop1_M prop2_M

The assoziation of the columns as Euler angles, phase informationl, etc. is specified by the options ColumnNames and Columns. The files can be contain any number of header lines.


[ori,prop] = loadOrientation_generic(fname,'ColumnNames',{'Euler1','Euler2','Euler3','prop1','prop2'})


fname file name (text files only)


ori orientation
prop struct with fields for the additional columns


ColumnNames names of the colums to be imported, mandatory are euler 1, euler 2, euler 3
Columns postions of the columns to be imported
RADIANS treat input in radiand
DELIMITER delimiter between numbers
HEADER number of header lines
BUNGE [phi1 Phi phi2] Euler angle in Bunge convention (default)
ABG [alpha beta gamma] Euler angle in Mathies convention


fname = fullfile(mtexDataPath,'EBSD','85_829grad_07_09_06.txt');
CS = crystalSymmetry('m-3m','mineral','Mg');
SS = specimenSymmetry('triclinic');
ori = loadOrientation_generic(fname,'CS',CS,'SS',SS, 'ColumnNames', ...
{'Euler1' 'Euler2' 'Euler3'},'Columns',[5,6,7],'Bunge')
ori = orientation (Mg → xyz (-1))
  size: 60775 x 1

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