loadODF_generic edit page

load pole figure data from (alpha,beta,gamma) files


loadODF_generic loads an ODF from any txt or exel files are of the following format

alpha_1 beta_1 gamma_1 weight_1
alpha_2 beta_2 gamma_2 weight_2
alpha_3 beta_3 gamma_3 weight_3
.      .       .       .
.      .       .       .
.      .       .       .
alpha_M beta_M gamma_M weight_m

The assoziation of the columns as Euler angles, phase informationl, etc. is specified by the options ColumnNames and Columns. The file can contain any number of header lines.


cs = crystalSymmetry('432')
odf   = loadODF_generic(fname,'cs',cs,'ColumnNames',{'Euler 1' 'Euler 2' 'Euler 3' 'weight'})


fname file name (text files only)


ColumnNames names of the colums to be imported, mandatory are euler 1, euler 2, euler 3
Columns postions of the columns to be imported
radians treat input in radiand
delimiter delimiter between numbers
header number of header lines
ZXZ, BUNGE [phi1 Phi phi2] Euler angle in Bunge convention (default)
ZYZ, ABG [alpha beta gamma] Euler angle in Mathies convention


interp determine the ODF by interpolation the weights
density determine the ODF as the density of the orientations


fname = fullfile(mtexDataPath,'ODF','odf.txt');
odf = loadODF_generic(fname,'cs',crystalSymmetry('cubic'),'header',5,...
'ColumnNames',{'Euler 1' 'Euler 2' 'Euler 3' 'weight'},...
Interpolating the ODF. This might take some time...
odf = SO3FunRBF (m-3m → xyz)
  <strong>uniform component</strong>
  weight: 0.56
  <strong>multimodal components</strong>
  kernel: de la Vallee Poussin, halfwidth 5°
  center: 4867 orientations, resolution: 5°
  weight: 0.44

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