fibreODF edit page

defines an fibre symmetric ODF


fibreODF defines a fibre symmetric ODF with respect to a crystal direction h and a specimen directions r. The shape of the ODF is defined by a kernel function.


h = Miller(h,k,l,CS)
r = vector3d(x,y,z);
odf = fibreODF(h,r) % default halfwith 10*degree
odf = fibreODF(h,r,'halfwidth',15*degree) % specify halfwidth
odf = fibreODF(h,r,kernel) % specify <kernel.kernel.html kernel> shape
odf = fibreODF(h,r,SS)  % specify crystal and specimen symmetry


h Miller / vector3d crystal direction
r vector3d specimen direction
CS, SS crystal, specimen symmetry
hw halfwidth of the kernel (default -- 10°)
kernel kernel function (default -- de la Vallee Poussin)


odf ODF

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