evalSectionsEquispacedFFT edit page

Evaluate an SO3FunHarmonic on ODFSections by using an equispaced grid along the other 2 Euler angles \[(\alpha_a,\beta_b,\gamma_c) = (\frac{2\pi a}{H_1},\frac{\pi b}{H_2-1},\gamma_c)\] where \(a=0,...,H_1-1\), \(b=0,...,H_2-1\) and \(c=0,...,S_{num}\).

Therefore we transform the SO(3) Fourier series to an usual Fourier series equivalent as in the function eval. But we use an 2-variate equispaced FFT instead of the NFFT in second step.


f = evalSectionsEquispacedFFT(SO3F,oS)
[f,nodes] = evalSectionsEquispacedFFT(SO3F,oS,'resolution',2.5*degree)


SO3F SO3FunHarmonic
oS @ODFSection (gamma)


nodes orientation
f values at this grid points


'resolution' shape constant along Euler angles. (default = 2.5°)

See also

SO3FunHarmonic.eval SO3FunHarmonic.evalNFSOFT SO3FunHarmonic.evalEquispacedFFT