MTEX is a free Matlab toolbox for analyzing and modeling crystallographic textures by means of EBSD or pole figure data. It is developed on a free and opensource basis by an interdisciplinary team of material scientists, geologists and mathematicians.


Requirements and Licensing

  • MTEX is free and runs in standard Matlab. For GND and Taylor computation the optimization toolbox is required.
  • MTEX comes with binaries from the which build up the core of MTEX. Read here for more details how fast Fourier transforms on the sphere and in the orientation space speed up texture computations.

Troubleshooting, Bugs, Contact and Mailing List

  • MTEX forum – Questions, Discussions, Announcements.
  • report issues – Every bug report is welcome.
  • community scripts – see how other MTEX users have utilized MTEX. Click here to see how you can share your scripts.
  • contribute – MTEX is open source and adding new features is more simple then you might think.