If you are using MTEX for your research, please cite one of the following paper that best fits your application.


The variant graph approach to improved parent grain reconstruction
R. Hielscher, T. Nyyssönen, F. Niessen, A. A. Gazder
Parent grain reconstruction from partially or fully transformed microstructures in MTEX
F. Niessen, T. Nyyssönen, A. A. Gazder, R. Hielscher


Isometric Embeddings of Quotients of the Rotation Group Modulo Finite Symmetries
R. Hielscher, L. Lippert


Gazing at crystal balls - electron backscatter diffraction indexing and cross correlation on the sphere
R. Hielscher, F. Bartel, T. B. Britton
Denoising of Crystal Orientation Maps
R. Hielscher, C. Silbermann, E. Schmidl, J. Ihlemann


On three-dimensional misorientation spaces
R. Krakow, R. J. Bennett, D. N. Johnstone, Z. Vukmanovic, W. Solano-Alvarez, S. J. Laine, J. F. Einsle, Paul A. Midgley, C. M. F. Rae, R. Hielscher


Orientations - perfectly colored
G. Nolze, R. Hielscher


Descriptive tools for the analysis of texture projects with large datasets using MTEX: strength, symmetry and components
D. Mainprice, F. Bachmann, R. Hielscher, H. Schaeben
Calculating anisotropic piezoelectric properties from texture data using the MTEX open source package
D. Mainprice, F. Bachmann, R. Hielscher, H. Schaeben, G. E Lloyd


Calculating anisotropic physical properties from texture data using the MTEX open source package
D. Mainprice, R.Hielscher, H. Schaeben: in Prior, D.J., Rutter, E.H., Tatham, D. J. (eds)
Grain detection from 2d and 3d EBSD data - Specification of the MTEX algorithm
F.Bachmann, R. Hielscher, H. Schaeben


Inferential statistics of electron backscatter diffraction data from within individual crystalline grains
F. Bachmann, R. Hielscher, P. E. Jupp, W. Pantleon, H. Schaeben and E. Wegert
Texture Analysis with MTEX - Free and Open Source Software Toolbox
F. Bachmann, R. Hielscher, H. Schaeben
Orientation Distribution Within a Single Hematite Crystal
R. Hielscher, H. Schaeben, H. Siemes


A novel pole figure inversion method: specification of the MTEX algorithm
Hielscher, Schaeben