... is a graphical user interface to MTEX that allows to perform many analysis step in a non programming way.

Jessica Hiscocks

ResearchGate: An updated graphical interface for MTEX


Slip transfer analysis toolbox

David Mercier

Read the Docs: Stabix


... is an experimental tool that allows to determine the alignment of one or two crystal directions or plane normals of arbitrary crystal orientation and structure with the coordinate system of a scanning electron microscope. The program outputs instructions for stage tilt and rotation for crystal alignment.

Frank Niessen

GitHub: frankNiessen/crystalAligner


... is a function library for orientation relationship (OR) discovery, advanced OR analysis and the plotting of visually stunning and informative publication-ready figures particular to microstructures undergone partial or full orientation-related phase transformation. ORTools serves as an add-on to the phase transition functionalities in MTEX.

Azdiar A. Gazder , Frank Niessen

GitHub: frankNiessen/ORTools


... allows to generate meshes from EBSD data. It is intended to perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) at grain scale on polycrystal imaged by EBSD.

Dorian Depriester

GitHub: DorianDepriester/MTEX2Gmsh


... enables the discrimination and segmentation of crystallographically identical/similar phases with grains of distinct orientation and slight compositional differences. The program uses reindexed EBSD datasets and EDS elemental data to compute grain-median compositional differences between grains of the phases in question and segments these by determination of an optimal threshold value.

Azdiar A. Gazder , Frank Niessen

GitHub: frankNiessen/phaseSegmenter