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People that have contributed to MTEX

Picture of Florian Bachmann Florian Bachmann wrote most of the grain analysis functionality. Furthermore, he is responsible for the import wizard and the documentation center.

Affiliation: Institute of Geoinformatics, TU Freiberg, Germany
Picture of Ralf Hielscher Ralf Hielscher invented MTEX in 2002 by implementing the pole figure to ODF inversion algorithm and leads since then the development.

Affiliation: Institute of Mathematics, TU Chemnitz, Germany
Picture of Oliver Kent Johnson Oliver Kent Johnson contributed the misorientation color coding.

Affiliation: Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Picture of David Mainprice David Mainprice contributed to the tensor functionality of MTEX.

Affiliation: Geosciences Montpellier, France