Installation Guide

How to install MTEX on you computer.


The MTEX toolbox is available for Windows, Linux, and MAC-OSX at


Since MTEX is a MATLAB toolbox MATLAB has to be installed in order to use MTEX. It works fine with the student version and does not require any additional toolboxes, addons or packages. Check the table below to see whether MTEX will run on your Matlab version.

Matlab 2015b 2015a 2014b 2014a 2013b 2013a 2012b 2012a 2011b 2011a 2010b 2010a
MTEX 4.1 (✔)(✔) (✔)(✔)(✔)
MTEX 4.0 - (✔)(✔) (✔)(✔)(✔)
MTEX 3.5 ---
MTEX 3.3 ---


In order to install, MTEX proceeds as follows

  1. extract MTEX to an arbitrary folder
  2. start MATLAB
  3. type into the Matlab command window
addpath your_MTEX_path

Configuration and Troubleshooting

You can configure your MTEX installation by editing the file mtex_settings.m. This includes also some workarounds for known problems.

Don't hesitate to contact the MTEX authors if you have any problems.

Compiling MTEX

Compiling MTEX is only necessary if the provided binaries do not run on your system or if you want to optimize them for your specific system. Compiling instructions can be found here.