Explains how to work with material tensors in MTEX, i.e. how to compute mean material tensors according to an ODF or to EBSD data, how to compute rotate and visualize tensors and how to calculate with elasticity tensors.

Tensor Arithmeticshow to calculate with tensors in MTEX
Average Material Tensorshow to calculate average material tensors from ODF and EBSD data
The Elasticity Tensorhow to calculate and plot the elasticity properties
Schmid Factor AnalysisThis script describes how to analyze Schmid factors.
The Piezoelectricity Tensorhow to work with piezoelectricity
Seismic velocities and anisotropyCalculalating and plotting elastic velocities from elastic stiffness Cijkl tensor and density (by David Mainprice).
Slip SystemsHow to analyze slip transmission at grain boundaries
Slip TransmissionHow to analyze slip transmission at grain boundaries
Slip TransmitionHow to analyse slip transmission at grain boundaries
Taylor Model
Dislocation Density EstimationThis example sheet describes how to estimate dislocation densities in MTEX following the reference paper Pantleon, Resolving the geometrically necessary dislocation content by conventional electron backscattering diffraction, Scripta Materialia, 2008