Discretisation of 2 - Sphere (The Class S2Grid)

represents a grid of nodes on the sphere

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Class Description
Defining a S2Grid
Complete Function list

Class Description

The class S2Grid is used in MTEX to store the set of specimen directions organized in a pole figure. Of central importance is also the plotting method of this class since it is used by almost all other plotting methods in MTEX to perform spherical plots.

Defining a S2Grid

There are various ways to define a S2Grid. Next, you find some examples. For a detailed description of possible specifications look for the documentation of the constructor S2Grid.

% equidistributions
S2G = equispacedS2Grid('points',100,'antipodal');  % specified by number of points
S2G = equispacedS2Grid('RESOLUTION',5*degree,'antipodal');  % specified by resolution

% regular grids
S2G = regularS2Grid('points',[72,19]); % specified by number of theta and rho steps
S2G = regularS2Grid('theta',linspace(0,2*pi,72),...
             'rho',linspace(0,pi/2,19)); % explicitly determine theta and rho values

% restrictes grids
S2G = equispacedS2Grid('points',100,'MAXTHETA',75*degree);  % specify maximum theta angle


plot(equispacedS2Grid('points',100,'antipodal'))  % plot the grid of nodes

Complete Function list

copycertain condition from grid
deleteelilinates points from grid
displaystandard output
findreturn index of all points in a epsilon neighborhood of a vector
getdatareturn index of all points in a epsilon neighborhood of a vector
polarcoordinates of S2Grid
subsasgnoverloads subsasgn
subsrefoverloads subsref