Pole Figures

Explains how to import pole figure data, how to correct them, and how to recover an ODF.

First StepsGet in touch with PoleFigure Data in MTEX.
Importing Pole Figure DataHow to import Pole Figure Data
Modify Pole Figure DataExplains how to manipulate pole figure data in MTEX.
ODF Estimation from Pole Figure DataThis page describes how to use MTEX to estimate an ODF from pole figure data.
Ambiguity of the Pole Figure to ODF Reconstruction Problemdemonstrates different sources of ambiguity when reconstructing an ODF from pole figure diffraction data.
Ghost Effect AnalysisExplains the ghost effect to ODF reconstruction and the MTEX option ghostcorrection.
Simulating Pole Figure dataSimulate arbitrary pole figure data
Plotting of Pole FiguresDescribes various possibilities to visualize pole figure data.