Explains different plot types and how to customize them, inlcuding annotations, spherical projections, color coding.

Plotting OverviewOverview over the plotting facilities of MTEX, including annotations, plot types, color coding, combined plots and export of plots.
AnnotationsExplains how to add annotations to plots. This includes colorbars, legends, specimen directions and crystal directions.
Combined PlotsExplains how to combine several plots, e.g. plotting on the top of an inverse pole figure some important crystal directions.
Plot TypesExplains the different plot types, i.e., scatter plots, contour plots, and line plots.
Spherical ProjectionsExplains the spherical projections MTEX offers for plotting crystal and specimen directions, pole figures and ODF.
Pole Figure Color CodingExplains how to control color coding across multiple plots.
EBSD Color CodingExplains EBSD color coding.